Canaan Valley, West Virginia is one of the most beautiful places to live!  Situated in the high valley, the temperatures in the spring, summer and fall are incredibly pleasant.  Temperatures in winter? It's cold but the snow is remarkable.  With three ski resorts close by (Timberline Four Seasons, Whitegrass and Canaan Valley Resort) there is much to keep you busy should you so choose.  Our family loves being able to fly into Windwood and taxi right up our driveway to the hangar.  What's even better is to be able to keep our plane either in our hangar at our cabin or on the tie down area of the runway.  What do we love the most about Windwood? The people and the ease of living with our plane.  With no airport security lines, airport deadlines to meet, baggage claim and restrictions...  flying in and out from our home whenever we choose is an amazing feeling of FREEDOM!  It's a wonderful magic carpet ride!

---Lydia Hambrick, 80 Boeing Lane, Windwood